Evangelos Kapros

I am a researcher and developer in Human-Computer Interaction, and I specialise in:
Data Visualisation | Data Management | Design (Visual/IxD/UX)

Selected projects:


An adaptive learning app on tablets which uses analytics and analysis of content from various education publishers.

Design Development Research


End-to-End Visualisation and Analytics of Data for eLearning.

DataViz Research


Immersive Learning Environment with social search and recommender systems.

DataMgmt Development

Adaptive Information Systems

Data management and software applications that can adapt to many conceptual schemas of end users.

DataViz DataMgmt Research

Visualising Social Phenomena

A project to visualise multi-agent systems that simulate poverty, unemployment, and immigration.

DataViz Research

Game Recommender

A machine learning engine that recommends computer games according to your previous preferences. Relational-logic and rule-based.

DataMgmt Development