Hi, I am Evangelos.

I Design Services, Systems, and User Experiences.

I do Research on Human-Computer Interaction.

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I Work with:

Multiple Projects

I have routinely led the design of multiple projects (3 to 8) simultaneously.

Multidisciplinary Teams

All our projects were accomplished with the collaboration of domain experts and technologists.

Diverse Stakeholders

Communications with our industry partners has been key.


Selected projects:


An adaptive learning app on tablets which uses analytics and analysis of content from various education publishers.

Design Development Research


End-to-End Visualisation and Analytics of Data for eLearning.

DataViz Research


Immersive Learning Environment with social search and recommender systems.

DataMgmt Development

Adaptive Information Systems

Data management and software applications that can adapt to many conceptual schemas of end users.

DataViz DataMgmt Research

Visualising Social Phenomena

A project to visualise multi-agent systems that simulate poverty, unemployment, and immigration.

DataViz Research

Game Recommender

A machine learning engine that recommends computer games according to your previous preferences. Relational-logic and rule-based.

DataMgmt Development


Selected Clients:



K. Katsikas

Agile Coach in Ableton, ex Native Instruments

"I would highly recommend Evangelos, regarding him as a visionary designer of a spontaneous creative nature with a great understanding of project needs, who can deliver professional, to-the-point results."

M. Neelen

Learning Design Lead in Accenture, ex Google

"Evangelos [...] is an excellent UX/UI designer with deep knowledge and skills. He is a strong communicator who is able to express his knowledge or opinion in a thoughtful, respectful manner. He is also extremely creative [...], looking from angles that everyone else has overlooked and able to grasp complex concepts and create something that people will just ‘get’. On top of that, he works very hard, is well able to prioritise his work, and gets things done. Evangelos is simply a delight to work with."

S. McGinnes

Senior Lecturer in the University of Essex, ex Trinity College Dublin

"I have worked with Evangelos on a number of projects. He is a very thoughtful and careful worker who gets the job done."


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